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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Anna's first ballet "recital"

So this event actually took place on December 8th, and since life has been crazy this month, I'm only now catching up on blogging.  Anna's ballet class had a little recital for parents only, in her ballet studio.  She had lots of fun, until she bonked her head on a balance bar and pouted the rest of the time.  But everything leading up to that tragic accident was just wonderful!

Here she is, so excited and ready to dance!

This is Anna a little bit before her accident.  She jumped up and hit her head on that bar.  So sad.  But she was really adorable here!

This is more towards the end of her recital, still a little sad, but cute none the less.

Good job Anna, we are so proud of you and all the beautiful things you are learning to do!

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Adrian said...

Cute! So fun to see her all dressed up to dance!!