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Thursday, November 5, 2009

The last Halloween Post

Ok, here is our last Halloween adventure, the actual Halloween night!  We had lots of fun trick or treating in our neighborhood, our neighbors are great!  We had the entire Wizard of Oz group with us, and we had lots of fun.  I’ll let you enjoy the pictures.



DSCF0459-1DSCF0461-1DSCF0462-1 DSCF0467-1 DSCF0468-1DSCF0469-1Kudos to Russ for making that awesome Tin Man costume himself, out of diaper boxes, duct tape and spray paint.  Pretty cool, huh?   


♥yeeling♥ said...

passing by~~

All of you are cute + charming + awesome!

i love your blog's header photo^^

and you must be an adorable mother!

have a nice day yea!

Nicholette said...

To be honest, we were pretty much the hottest witches in the neighborhood!

Ana said...

Ai que lindooooos!!! Super criativo!!

Adrian said...

I love your costumes! Especially Russ. Amazing what can be done with duct tape and spray paint!! You guys look awesome!!