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Monday, November 9, 2009

Anna's advice to Santa Claus

Anna's only request for Christmas so far, has been a white, fluffy dog.  She talks about it constantly, which cause us, her parents, to really start considering it.  We were almost sold on the idea, but finally decided that Emma needs some time to grow more, so she can push the dog away if she wants too and all that.  Right now she'd be easily knocked down by a dog.  Anyway, as we thought of how to break the news that maybe Santa would not be able to bring a dog this year, we came up with this idea:
Vanessa:  Anna, I talked to Santa Claus today!  We were talking about what you wanted for Christmas and I told him you wanted a dog!
Anna:  What did he say? What did he say?
Vanessa:  Well sweetie, Santa said that during Christmas time, it's just too cold for brand new puppies to go outside to go potty!  They would be so cold and would cry!  We don't want the puppy to be cold and cry, do we?
Anna: No... we don't.  (Silence and a very thoughtful little look on her cutie pie face)
Anna:  Mommy, I have an idea!  You tell Santa that he can bring the dog, and then he can just bring him a coat!  Then the puppy won't be cold!  Isn't that a great idea???
Vanessa:  (Stumped)  Well.... let me talk to Santa, I'll get back to you.

So there you have it.  Foiled by my 4 year old.  Any ideas on what Santa should say next?  Because I sure am stuck!


Nicholette said...

Good one, Anna! Keep it up, maybe you can convince Santa to bring me one, too ;)

Adrian said...

Oh my goodness. You'll be hard put to get anything past her!!

MomItForward said...

I love it!!! Aren't kids fun?

Thanks for visiting tonight? I loved the gifts and you were so fun to chat with.

Cute blog!!! Love the background :).

Quincy said...

When I asked for a puppy, Jessica told me Santa is short on puppies this year... So maybe next year for all of us! :)