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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Going to the Fair

This past weekend we took the kids to the state fair to see the animals and play on the rides and eat junk. It was great! Here is Anna and Russ ready for their first challenge.
Come on guys, you can do it, hit it really hard!!! You're so strong!!!
Winner!!! Princess Anna gets the prize! She loves that hammer and we play with it every night now.
She also got to race in a really fast car, she was so excited about this, and picked out the ride probably because it made her think of Lightning McQueen, but she was a little tense, maybe a little too fast for her. Still, no tears, so we were very proud.
Anna gets to ride a pony! She was so cute about it, and so excited! She kept saying "giddy up" the entire time, and "yee haw!" Very cute. I think this picture is so funny. Russ, did you step on something? Hmmmm.
There they are. So cute together. Anna felt very safe having daddy walk beside her and hold her hand. I think Daddy was quite proud to get to walk next to such a princess!
This is Emma watching Anna ride the pony. I love her expression, just awed by these little ponies walking round and round.
Here's Anna at her next pick, the hot air balloon ride. She was so happy to try it, she went up and down and round and round, and had a blast!
Yay Anna! You're so cute!
This is what Emma had to say at the end of our adventure: ZZZZZZZ! She fell asleep before we left the parking lot! Good sport, Emma!

We saved the best for last. When we stopped for lunch, the only place we could find to sit down was near a little Mexican party, we were near their stage, and we could hear their music playing the entire time. This is how Emma feels about the music, you've got to watch this!


Adrian said...

Looks like too much fun!! Anna is so brave to drive a fast car by herself! And I love to see Emma dancing!

Nicholette said...

HAHAHA! I just wish Emma had her little mexican man shirt on with her gut hanging out and her white one-sie showing!!

Summer said...

So cute! I love Anna driving the car!