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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fondant Lesson

My very first lesson in decorating cakes with fondant.  It's amazing how simple it was, and how fun it was!  John was a great teacher in the arts of fondant making.  It's sticky stuff, let me tell ya!

Excuse me, we're working here!

For the second part of my lesson, the actual decorating, I was under Nicholette's skilled teaching.  She made that awesome Mario.  I made the clouds.  Don't look to closely, ok?  Isn't it cute?

On the sides of the cake we added some more fun Mario stuff, aren't Nicholette's bricks just awesome?  I made the bushes.  Again, don't look too close.  
Fondant cakes are so much fun!  They've made a fan out of me, and I can't wait to do this again.  What was Russ doing during all this Mario cake making you ask?

He felt inspired.  He beat the game!  He saved the Princess, with a little Mario none the less!  Wow Russ, you rocked it!  Anna calls Mario Running bear, we can't make her see that he's an actual man.  When she saw the cake she said "Wow, that's my darling Running Bear!"  Poor Mario.  


John said...

Our Running Bear cake was pretty bling wasn't it!?

Adrian said...

what a lovely cake!! Make me one for my birthday??