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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My addiction

Cute Emma is 9 months old, and a little angel. I can't get enough of her. Those chubby cheeks, that serious face. There's something about a little girl that makes you work for a smile. It makes a smile mean so much more! I truly feel like I've succeeded when I can get my serious baby to smile. But I love these moments of serious contemplation too. It shows us her personality, which is all Emma, and we love it.

My first baby is nothing of a baby anyomre! What a beautiful little girl she's growing up to be! Anna is 4 years old already. What a beautiful little person she is. We have a very gentle and sensitive little girl in our family, and I can see that she is so loving and caring to those around her. She is always in tune with everyone's feelings, and loves to hug and to comfort. Her imagination is a joy to us, we are always entertained by what that little mind is going to come up with next.

How can you not be addicted to these two blessings? They really are like air to me, my reason for everything, really, everything. There has never been a love this intense in my life, ever. Even when things are rough, and we are having one of those days that makes you want to hide under the bed, or when you wish your name wasn't Mommy anymore, at least for a couple of hours... (I'm sure a lot of you know what I mean), even then they are the greatest, most wonderful little girls ever!

We have a smile!!! Four cute little teeth that just make me melt every time they make an appearance. Oh Emma, you are just too adorable!

Princess Anna! I love your brown eyes even more than you do! (She looks at herself in the mirror and tells herself she has beautiful brown eyes). You are truly nobility, you know that?

So I confess. I have an addiction. A serious problem. Please don't save me from it, there is no cure. This is the best addiction ever!

I love you Anna and Emma, and so does Daddy, and all your grandparents, and all your aunts and uncles. You two are so loved!


Adrian said...

What sweet girls! I love those pictures. And I know exactly what you mean about wishing your name wasn't Mommy sometimes... but wouldn't give up your kids for anything!!!

East Coast Jenny said...

Great pictures. I love Anna's warm smile. You're an addict of the best kind. Keep inhailing.

Nicholette said...

I share your addiction...these pictures make me want some puffs NOW.