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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Emma's latest

Emma has been a big eater lately. She'll eat a lot of mostly anything you offer, except carrots. It seems that's the only thing she will never go for. She also looks at you while you're eating and begs for your food! It's hilarious.

And if you look closely we have the arrival of.... her first teeth!!! Look at those beautiful pearly whites! Granted, she doesn't look so great here, but she sure enjoyed her turkey and sweet potatoes.
I love this picture. She's definitely going to be a thinker, this one. We were trying to read Good Night Moon, but she chose The Brothers Karamazov instead. A little light reading before bed, Emma? She's just delicious, isn't she?

1 comment:

Adrian said...

CUTE! Emma has such dark hair- she looks so sweet. I love how chubby she is. The Brothers Karamazov, huh? Definitely the brains of the family!! :)