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Friday, March 27, 2009

Anna's latest

Anna the cutie is at it again! Here's a fun conversation between Anna and Russ.
Russ is sitting on the couch, not wanting to move. Anna is begging him to come upstairs with her for some reason I can't recall.
Anna, pulling Daddy's arm: Come ON Daddy! Let's go!
Russ, not moving: Oh Anna, where are we going?
Anna: I NEED you to come with me, Daddy, come ON!!!
Russ: But Daddy is so tired!
(This exchange kept going for a good 3-5 minutes)
Russ: You know what Anna, Daddy has a problem, he's so fat and slow...
Anna: BE SLOW THEN! That's good! Just come on!
(We were very amused. Slow is better than not moving at all!)

Anna is learning her letters and getting better at Preschool. For a little while she was very frustrated about doing what the teacher told her to do, but then she realized that's what teachers do, and students listen, so things are getting better now. This is her zebra mask, she's very proud of it. Z is for Zebra!

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Adrian said...

Oh, that is so funny! Slow is better than not at all!! Anna 1, Russ 0!