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Friday, February 20, 2009

Running Away on Wendnesday.

Anna and I are at battle. Over cereal. This morning before the battle started (she only wants Captain Crunch, and we only had Life)she sat on my lap and I was hugging her while we had this conversation:
Anna: Mommy, Anna is going to run away.
Me: You are? Why?
Anna: Because Mommy gets angry with Anna.
Me: I do?
Anna: Yes, because Anna said cereal is yucky. Anna needs to run away.
Me: When are you going to run away?
Anna: On Wednesday. (silence...) Mommy, what day is today?
Me: Friday.
Anna: Ok, I wait till Wednesday then.
Me: Sounds good.
Anna: I'm going to run away with Emma too.
Me: You are? You're taking Emma too? I'll be so sad! I'll miss you both so much!
(some more silence and thinking...)
Anna: But Anna has a problem, Emma's chair is to heavy! Anna cannot carry it! (Pointing at the car seat).
Me: That's true, it is heavy!
Anna: Anna needs to get stronger to carry Emma's chair?
Me: Yes you do! And you know how you get stronger?
Anna: How Mommy?
Me: By eating your cereal.


Christy said...

hahahaha! That rocks!!! I'm so glad you were witty enough to let it come Riiight back around. :)

Jake and Jeanne said...

I love the conversation! Jake and I laughed pretty hard. :)

Kimberly said...

Ha! That is the funniest thing! I can't wait until Isabelle starts talking like that. Good to keep up w/ you guys via blog! Thanks for the V-Day letter!

Adrian said...

Awesome! You two make me laugh. Talking, reasoning kids are the best.