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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy 2009!!!

So we are finally moved in, and yet there is so much to do to actually feel like I'm "moved in". Lists are my very best friends right now. When I start to feel overwhelmed I sit down and make a list. Now if I could just check things off my lists...

This holiday season was great, it is wonderful being near family for once! At the same time, being near family made it for a very busy time. We are soooo not used to it anymore, being away from everyone for so long made it a bit hard for us to know how to balance things. It doesn't help that Russ and I are such home bodies... we were exhausted! I'm actually really excited about getting back to a routine.

Here is my favorite shot of the Christmas season... Anna really frustrated that we couldn't just open the presents already! LOVE IT!!!

To all my dear friends, I'll send out cards to you soon, I promise. Really, I will!

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