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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Girl Scouts at the Animal Shelter

Here is another fun Girl Scout moment.  On Saturday, March 23rd, our troop went to a local animal shelter, and made a donation of lots of supplies that they purchased with their cookie money.  This shelter takes care of cats only, and they were happy and grateful for having these girls show an interest in these kitties waiting to be adopted.
Anna had a wonderful time playing with all the different cats.  They have a room at the shelter where you can come and play and get to know the kitties.  It was a lot of fun.
The girls also got to meet the youngest little kitty that was at the shelter.  I believe this one was only 3 weeks old.  
Of course we had to hold and cuddle that cute little kitty.  This was so adorable.  It was great to see all the girls there together and excited about helping our community, and how generous they were with their hard earned cookie money!

So to all of you dear friends who supported Anna as she knocked on your door the last few weeks, just know that your support not only made a difference to Anna, but to the Sun Cities 4 Paws Rescue.  Thank you so much!

We only have 3 more meetings before we break for the summer, but if you or anyone you know would like to join us for Girl Scouts, we will be starting again in September.  I will be the new troop leader, meetings will be held in my home, and we will be welcoming kindergartners to third graders.  We'd love to have more friends!


Adrian said...

Wow, you're going to be the troop leader? Good for you! It sounds like this is so much fun for Anna! I love that tiny kitten.

Nicholette said...

Great job, Anna! You're adorable (and so is that kitten)!