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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Get your cookies!

Here are some of our girls in front of a local supermarket.  They are so cute!  I just can't say enough about the Girl Scout program.  It's great to see Anna conquer her inhibitions and learn about her talents.  She's actually great at sales!  She's been goal oriented, and ready to work hard to earn her badges.  She's approached people and spoke to them very confidently, and has learned to deal with rejection very gracefully.  (Not everyone wants cookies from these cute girls, can you believe it?)  Learning to deal with rejection without discouragement has helped her in all other areas of her everyday life.

She's also celebrated her successes, and she's had lots of that.  We've had a chance to meet our neighbors, our church community, and school friends.  She's learned to show how grateful she is for everyone's kindness, their time and generosity.

One of my favorite cookie selling moments was yesterday.  The girls watched this HUGE Escalade stretch limo drive slowly and park right across from our table.  We all stared.  Anna asked us what kind of car that was, and her leader said, "A very rich person's car!".  Anna then says, "Rich?  So they have money to buy cookies!"  She grabbed her sign and started saying, "Get your Girl Scout Cookies, they're delicious, you know you want some!  What's your favorite?"  After doing that for a while, and putting on her cutest little girl smile, we saw the driver lower the partition between him and the back of the limo.  We saw a hand giving him money.  He walked out, came over and asked Anna which cookies were her favorite.   She pulled up four different kinds, and the driver purchased all of them, thanked her, and took it back to the limo.  It was so funny!  We still have no idea who the person in the limo was, all the windows were tinted.  We sure had a fun time coming up with ideas of who we had just sold cookies to. :)  Way to go, Anna!

So cookie season is almost over.  Just a few more weeks.  This has seriously been so much fun!

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Adrian said...

Yay! Good for Anna! I love that story about the limo!