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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trunk or Treat, smell my air freshener! :)

Last night we had such a fun time at our ward's Trunk or Treat party!  We tried to all agree on a theme costume for ourselves, but unfortunately the family was divided in their wishes, so we all did our own thing.  Here are some of the highlights:
Anna had a great time being Cleopatra, and Emma was a cutie as Snow White.  Emma knows how to sing the song "I'm wishing, I'm wishing, for the one I love, to find me, to find me, today, today..."  She sings it just like Snow White, too.
Anna is all about posing like an Egyptian!  Super cute!

Russ and I thought of our costumes the night before the activity.  We were walking by the auto care isle at Target while discussing what to be, when I said, "let's be air fresheners" and pointed at the "little trees".  Russ responded, "challenge accepted!  All I need is a big box..." :)

And there he is, successfully wearing his costume.  He rocked it!  There's nothing he can't make out of a "big box".  Russ chose to be "New Car Scent".

 I chose to be Strawberry scent.  Very sweet smelling...

We decorated the car with lots of air fresheners, and had fun giving out candy to all the adorable children in their Halloween costumes.

 Emma had to check out her stash before bed.  Not bad, huh?  Now we're just enjoying all the candy, and looking forward to the actual Trick or Treating night in a few more days!

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Adrian said...

Halloween is AWESOME! Spencer is also wearing a costume made out of a big box- he's the moon, and I'm the starry night in black clothes with yellow stars stuck all over them. I think air freshener costumes are a great idea!! Have fun on Wednesday!