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Monday, March 14, 2011

Congratulations to Russ!

Here he goes again, showing the world he is sure of his place in it!  Russ attended the CPIC Conference this year, and he was one of the 10 people awarded for his outstanding individual and organizational achievements and contributions in capital planning and related areas.

And there he is!  Making us proud, receiving his award.  The beauty of this entire thing is that he wasn't even aware he was nominated to begin with, and it all came as a wonderful surprise to him.  It's so great to be rewarded for something you are doing anyway.  What some call excellence in management, Russ calls everyday good sense and great work!  ( I have bragging rights, I'm his wife).

We are so proud of him, and he has three fans at home who were thrilled for his wonderful recognition, but what makes us really love him the most is the fact that his favorite part of all this experience was coming back home to us! :)

Congratulations Russ!!!  BTW... I think you should keep the beard.  I really do. 


Adrian said...

Love the beard! oh, and congrats on the award. But I love the beard!

Justin said...

I too love the beard. Looks good.

Nicholette said...

PS I love the header of your blog. That's adorable.

Spencer said...

Wow! love the beard and congratulations on the award