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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Going back to Christmas

This last Christmas was very low key for us, which was great.  I hate the rushing back and forth, and tend to dread the holiday completely, but we made it a point to keep it simple, and it really helped us focus on what's really important at that time of the year.  Just so I wouldn't let it go unnoticed, though, since this is kind of my family journal, I thought I'd add some pictures of our Christmas fun.  

We had a blast Christmas morning, Russ/Santa gave me a Kindle, which I'm addicted to now, and the kids got lots of fun toys, but their favorite is still Bonnie Blue.  She's a sweetie.  And Santa made sure to remember her as well! :)  Another fun time for our family.

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Adrian said...

Cute. I love those matching outfits in the first pictures. And you have a kindle??? lucky lucky you!!