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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Blackout

Last night we had a lovely blackout.  It lasted for quite a few hours, and at first the girls were scared, but we light candles, found flashlights, and mommy, through inspiration, I'm sure, had just downloaded some fun kid apps to the i-touch.  We played and snuggled.  We got ready for bed by flashlight, and that was a blast for them!

Russ came home, had a candlelight dinner, and then we talked and talked and talked.  I had a candle, and my current crochet project, and we enjoyed each other's company like we haven't done so in a long time.

And just to get romantic, I had this feeling of bloodline, of tradition, as I crocheted to the light of a candle.  I've seen the women in my family from years past doing just that.  I imagined them smiling down on me, as I sat in my modern house, with all the comforts they never imagined, and crocheted to the light of a candle, and thought about my little family.  And I thought about them, the strong, tough, exemplary women whose blood I have the privilege to share.  They were there with me.  One of my favorite books has this constant saying in it "windy nights, nights of the dead".  Last night I felt it.  I felt my dead with me.  All those wonderful women before me, giving me strength.  I belong to them, they belong to me.


Adrian said...

what a beautiful story! what a wonderful evening! I'm so glad that you could feel close to the women who were before you.

Jake and Jeanne said...

What a wonderful way to spend a night. I love your thought about crocheting by candle light. There are angels around us.