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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Where Daddy's Grandma lives.

Today after church, Anna asked me (Russ) where Daddy's Grandma lived? I told her that she had gone to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus, but that she used to live in the house that Anna's grandma lived in now. We talked about silly things Daddy would do with her when he was a little boy, including grandma's yummy food, family holidays, weeding, working in the yard, going to events, and even washing us off after playing in the mud (which Anna really liked). I told Anna that I knew that Daddy's grandma would love and be proud of Anna. A little afterwards, she asked me if going to live with Jesus and Heavenly Father meant that she died, and I told her that is true. And she asked how that happens, and we talked about how our bodies get old and have a hard time, and sometimes stop working. Anna told me that she didn't like that our bodies get old and die. She paused for a little and looked at me and told me that she wanted to say a prayer and ask for Jesus to give Daddy's Grandma a hug and help her feel better. And so then and right there she did exactly that! We talked a little after about how Jesus died, and what happened then, and what the word resurrection means, and about having hope to see our families again, to have perfect bodies and live again after we die. Sometimes, in spite of all the church and lessons we go to, I enjoy the simple moments when we get to talk about the things we really believe, hope for, and care about the most.

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