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Monday, November 1, 2010

Super Mario Halloween!

This year Russ went all out making these cool Halloween costumes for our family.  We had a Super Mario theme, and I have to say, it was awesome!

 Emma the Super Mario Star and Anna as Princess Peach!

 And here they are!  Princess, Mario, and Star!  So cute.

After our trick or treating we stopped by Aunt Jeanne's and Uncle Jake's to check out Kate and Madi's costumes.  Aren't they the cutest bumble bees you've ever seen?  Pri and I were each a Mario character as well.  I was the Fire Flower and Pri was the Mushroom Man.  Russ painted those on the cardboard by hand, can you believe it?  It was fun being a Fire Flower with my cute family.  Now we all have tummy aches from all the candy we've been eating!

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Adrian said...

Super awesome costumes!! Russ makes a truly excellent Mario!