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Friday, October 1, 2010

Red Butte Gardens

This post will be huge.  This year for Labor Day Weekend we took the girls to have an adventure at Red Butte Gardens.  If you've never been there, don't wait any longer.  It's gorgeous, and the girls had soooo much fun!  Here are Anna and Emma ready to start their adventure in the children's garden.

Running down hill is fun!
 This snake maze was awesome, and if it were adult sized I would have played in it too!

 They reach the end!  Can you tell it's the mouth of the snake?  Cool, huh.
Anna and Emma capture a lizard.

 Emma finds a bee and had mommy take a picture.
 Breathtaking.  It was just too beautiful up there.
 Now running uphill.
 Don't you feel like running through this, twirling and spinning?  I wanted to, but Russ wouldn't let me... :)

 Daddy and the girls following down another beautiful path.

We found the "secret garden"!  It has this great little waterfall.
 Anna and Emma fascinated by the waterfall.

 Another beautiful path, covered with trees.  

 Girls with another capture. 

 Check out this pond!  It was so fun to see the fish so close!

 That one smiled for the camera.

 Anna getting a closer look.

Emma looking cute.
Look what I found!  I can't believe I managed to take a picture, these hummingbirds are so fast!  The Rose Garden had dozens of them, all around.  It was amazing!

I can't wait to have another adventure at Red Butte Gardens with the girls.  It was just one of those "perfect" days I'll get to tuck in my memories forever.


East Coast Jenny said...

I dream of places like that. It's beautiful.

Adrian said...

Your girls are beautiful. So are the gardens!

Anonymous said...

Too bad Russ wouldn't let you run, twirl, and spin. That would have been fun!