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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Here is my cute little Emma. This is my favorite thing to do with her, give her "lubs". Daddy caught us in a cuddle time here. Emma has her best buddy "Doggie" with her. She has two other best friends she calls "peekies". They're her blankets. Two soft blankets that she can't live without.

I just caught Emma eating chocolate powder from the container. A little bit earlier than that, she was trying to climb up the dvd stand. Today she decided to wear her sister's pink snow boots. She likes to pray. She likes to repeat whatever the person who is praying is saying as well.

Today she woke up at 6a.m. She knocked on my door and said "Want lubs, mommy!" So yes, I went to her bed with her and gave her lubs. She then asked me to sing, "issy spider", "e i e i o", "tinkle star"and the always favorite "a b c's". Once she got bored with that, she decided to make a request "scratch my back, peeease!" So I did. She said "fank you, mommy!"

Emma, you're my favorite Emma in the whole world! Your mommy lubs you.
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Adrian said...

Thank you for sharing the sweetness!