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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter weekend and our very first Big Girl Bike!

Happy Easter everyone!
Anna and Emma had a great time searching for eggs around the house.  We had to keep the festivities indoors this year.  Utah was freezing!  After we ran around and found all our eggs and baskets, the doorbell rang... one last gift from the Easter Bunny:

Anna's very first big girl bike!  She's finally ready to get started and I wish this picture had sound!  She was thrilled!

Happy as can be!  (The funny thing is that this bike ended up being too small for her, and we had to exchange it, which was hard to explain, since we grabbed the receipt and took her and the bike to Walmart to get the right size.  We're friends with the Easter Bunny, we help each other out...)

Emma also got a "bika"  as she calls it.  It's more like her sister's trike that now belongs to Emma.  And so it begins... someday she will complain that she got the old bike and Anna got the new bike.  Well Emma, look at this picture, you didn't care!  You loved it!  And we love you!

Family ready to ride our bikas!  It was soooo cold outside!

Daddy gives Anna the rules and tips before letting her try.

And Emma had a blast just pushing the bika with her feet.

Here we go!  I think Russ is getting ready to go inside... In his defense, he had a challenging job with a very sensitive child.  They both did well, 

Look at the two most beautiful little girls ever created!  Anna and Emma.  My princesses!  I LOVE this picture.

There you have it.  A fun time was had by all this Easter, and now we have two little girls on wheels, so watch out!

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Nicholette said...

That's so awesome.