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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve Fun!

This year we got to spend Chritmas Eve with Grandma and Grandpa at their house and we had lots of fun with our aunts and uncles and cousin!

Anna and Emma enjoying some delicious treats at Grandma and Grandpa's.  Cute Emma has her face covered in dip.  In her defense, it was delicious, and if I could I would have gone in head first in that dip bowl!:)

Isn't this the cutest picture ever!  Grandma Sperry and all her little grandkids sharing a big hug!  Anna, Emma and Jack are just too cute for words.  I love this picture!

The annual Christmas cars race!  They all have their little race cars, Santa against Frosty, against Rudolph... you never know who will win.  (And I didn't wait around to find out, I was in the back talking... sorry).

See?  I was super busy talking to Jeanne and Emma.  We were having some great girl talk!

John, Nicholette and Jack.  The cute Sperrys.  Love you guys!

Jeanne and Jake, the cute Prestwiches!  Love them!

Anna, Russ, Vanessa and Emma.  The Super Sperrys!!!

Grandma and Grandpa Sperry!  We love you!!! Thanks for a wonderful Christmas Eve!

Anna and Emma put on a show for us on their "stage" in front of the fireplace.  It was more like Anna putting on a show and Emma just copying everything Anna did.

I love these two so much!!! My greatest creations, right there! :)

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