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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me!  My birthday was September 2nd, and I got to celebrate in so many wonderful ways.  Russ gave me a "mommy vacation" which included a hotel stay and all the treats I could have wanted.  I went out to dinner, saw a movie, got a pedicure, read a book and slept in late!  Did I say I got to sleep in late?  Yup, it's true.  Best birthday gift ever.  My family in Provo got together to have a delicious meal, with lots of meat included, of course.  It was wonderful!  
Here is my little brother and I goofing around.  Love this kid.  Tio gave me a very cute jacket (and Tia Pri too) for my birthday, I can't wait till it gets colder so I can wear it.
On the actual day of my birthday, I get surprised by John and Nicholette with this beauty!  Don't you love my Brazil cake?  I loved it!   It was delicious, but it sure hurt to cut into something so pretty!

I loved my cake!!! 

I also had a very fun treasure hunt made by Daddy and Anna to find all kinds of very fun presents all through the house.  I wish I had saved the maps they made me.  It was so cute to see Anna try and keep from telling me where she hid the gifts, but excitement got the better of her.

I have to say I totally had a blast for my birthday, and I got such thoughtful gifts from my family this year.  Russ was wonderful, my mom and dad gave me a rice cooker, which I've been wanting for a long time, John and Nicholette not only made me an awesome cake, but Nicholette picked up some awesome jewelery for me, including a pair of earings I had showed her weeks before and told her I was in love with (and I happen to be wearing right as I type this).  Jeanne and Jake gave me Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child, which brought me to tears.  Yes, I cried over a cookbook.  I love it so much!  Mom and Dad Sperry took us out to lunch at Braza grill and she gave me this totally cute leather purse that I had actually gone to pick out with her under the impression that Mom was going to keep it!  Very sneaky!  I loved it!  I love gifts that show people are paying attention to you, does that make sense?  I loved all the gifts, but even more, I love the fact that my loved ones were so thoughtful.  Thank you all so much.  You've touched me deeply right here (I'm pointing at my heart).  :)


Adrian said...

Happy happy birthday! I'm glad that you had such a happy day!

Christy said...

happy birthday vanessa! I love hearing about your amazing birthday. I still can't remember what came AFTER the mommy day cuz that in and of itself is enough, wouldn't you say? Especially the sleeping in. I love all the presents you got and thoroughly agree with you that I love presents most when you know someone was really thinking of you and you said it so perfectly, "paying attention". Happy birthday again! Woohoo!