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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Emma's hair is getting longer!

I love this picture! Can't you just see the bubble popping up from her head saying : "Whaaaat are you doing?" hahaha!

Emma's hair is finally long enough for a little pony that sticks straight up. Only one pony, but, it's still a hairdo, right?
She's growing so fast and crawling all over the place. We have now gated every possible falling points, and I have been paying greater attention to my floors, and especially sweeping them more often, since everything ends up in her mouth.

Emma, we love your new hairstyle!


Adrian said...

Love that straight up pony tail!! She is so cute!

Nicholette said...

I love the first pic...I wish I could just hit play and watch her do her sniffy thingy!