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Friday, April 17, 2009

Saving money is so fun!

Some of you may know of my obsession with coupon clipping and finding the best deals out there. Well I was pretty excited this week with my savings, and I thought I'd share:

This was my shop at Albertsons. I got a lot of meat and some other great little snacks and things on sale. The total regular price for all you see here was $87.43 I payed &46.76 Pretty good, huh?

Then I went to Smith's. I bought all you see here, total regular price was $71.20 Guess how much I paid??? $26.34 Yup, that's all!!! Look at all the shampoo and stuff! Check out my steaks! I'm pretty proud of myself.

I have to say that my favorite thing to do when I go to these stores is have them scan everything, see the total, then I give them my customer loyalty card, and watch the numbers go down, down, down... and after that I hand them a pile of coupons and watch my already lower number go lower and lower still! I LOVE IT! I had people in line clap for me once, when I managed to save $113.00 in one shopping trip! It's so cool, the cashiers usually like to look at the bottom of the receipt and tell me my grand total savings.

Yes, I'm a dork. I get a kick out of coupon clipping. But my husband LOVES it that I get such a high out of this. He loves it! So there! ;)


Nicholette said...

It's true. This did in fact happen, I was a witness. Coupon clipping rocks.

Adrian said...

Wow! That's awesome! I wish I had the time to do that.

East Coast Jenny said...

You're the kind of shopper I aspire to be. It's one way to really contribute when you're the stay at home parent. Good work, Vanessa!!