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Thursday, January 15, 2009


Isn't she a doll? She'll be 6 months in a few days, and I just can't believe it. Today she gave the most delicious laugh, I couldn't keep myself from laughing. She is such a joy to us, such an easy going child! I can't help but look at her and be curious about how she'll be as she grows, what will she like to do, what color are her eyes really going to be, will they stay this grayish blue or will they turn brown like everyone elses? We sure went through a lot to get her here, and I think that because of that our bond was pretty immediate. The world just doesn't make sense without her... (cheesy, I know, but the truth none the less). We love you Emma girl!

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Adrian said...

What a sweet photo! Emma sounds like a doll. I hope we get to meet her some day!